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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Lily CooksleyLily Cooksley
Kevin was a great driving instructor who taught me to drive and ultimately pass my driving test. He explained everything very clearly whilst always remaining patient and cheerful which helped me feel relaxed and build my confidence. I would whole heartedly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to drive.

Charlie Fullerton Charlie Fullerton
Thank you LDC Driving School - Kevin White! What an incredible teacher. Got Charlie through his theory and driving test first time. Kevin arrived early each day this week and he gave Charlie the confidence and ability to drive safely and competently - winning combo! Intensive lessons are the way to go - no time to forget things between lessons and safe driving becomes second nature. How would I rate Kevin and the 5gold stars. Susan Fullarton

Emma InnesEmma Innes
I cannot thank Kevin enough. As an older student I was nervous about learning something new but he gave me the confidence to become a safe and competent driver. He is always calm and patient throughout lessons. He is personable which made lessons fun rather than a chore. I will be recommending him to friends and family.

Emily WestEmily West
Passed 1st time
Thank you Kevin you have done a wonderful job teaching my Daughter to drive with your patience and encouragement and enthusiasm and being very flexible on driving lessons. Meeting you made us feel very relaxed teaching our Daughter. Can’t believe she passed first time all down to you. Glad we listened to Emily’s friends and got you to teach her. Many many thanks to a great driving instructor.

‪Emily West. Thank you Kevin for making me the confident safe driver I am today. Been driving everywhere since I have passed my test and it’s been incredible. Thank you for all your help.‬

‪Po West. If any parents are looking for a brilliant driving instructor for their children, Kevin's your man. Thank you so very much, Kevin...I have now retired from "Mum's Taxi Service" ‬

Due to aspergers and confidence issues I can sometimes struggle to take instructions correctly and therefore learning to drive is something that was somewhat difficult for me. However Kevin couldn't have been more patient and understanding and helped me progress much quicker than I thought possible. Thanks to his amazing teaching I ended up not just passing first time but passing 1st time with no faults, something I never dreamed I would achieve and owe a lot to his instructing.

It’s amazing how much you can learn in a week. Before Monday I had had a total of four hours driving experience, but now after completing an LDC intensive driving course with Kevin I am the proud owner of a driving license. I will admit the prospect of an intensive course was nerve racking, but the support provided by LDC was without fault. The ability to ring and be greeted by a friendly voice whenever I had a question, as well as the clear website that provides a great deal of information delivered both confidence in LDC and thrill towards completing the course. As well as this I was given a driving instructor who was both enthusiastic and patient in his teaching. Kevin’s passion towards driving consistently shone through making the experience of an intensive driving course both enjoyable and successful. Therefore, thanks to the service LDC provides and Kevin’s teaching I am someone who enjoys driving and feels confident behind the wheel.

I would definitely recommend prospective learners to undertake an intensive driving course. Not only is it a great way to learn to drive quickly, but it is also the best approach to take when wanting to gain as much experience as possible behind the wheel. Over the course of the week Kevin took me to a variety of different areas whereby I was able to experience the hustle and bustle of busy streets as well as areas where there were twisty country roads as well as the test areas, all of which prepared me to the highest level for my test which I passed first time.

Toby WilliamsToby Williams
Toby switched driving instructors to Kevin White after failing an initial test and Kevin immediately built his driving confidence and in a calm way corrected any issues. Consequently Toby passed his driving test with Kevin and is now enjoying his driving. I will be contacting Kevin regarding my younger sons driving lessons. Debbie Williams

Kevin was my second driving instructor, after having a bad experience with my first, Kevin soon took me out and started working on getting rid of my nerves with going into and out of gears as well as higher speeds, within 20 lessons he had managed to work out all the kinks with my driving and I was then ready for my test and Passed first time!

Kevin is a very relaxed driving instructor and will allow you to take your time to build your confidence up, with things that make you nervous or things you’re not sure on; and although he is serious when he needs to be, he also makes the time to put you at ease with a great sense of humour.

I will soon be going back to Kevin for my Motorway Lessons, and I highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Passed 1st time
Hannah had been driving with another instructor for 10 lessons, she felt held back and was lacking in confidence. As soon as she started driving with Kevin her confidence soared and we noticed an immediate increase in her driving ability. Thanks to Kevin, Hannah passed first time and in her target of 3 months. We will definitely be booking Kevin next year for our other daughter!

Josie GelleburnJosie Gelleburn
I was a very nervous driver when I first started lessons. However, Kevin, boosted my confidence massively. He's always calm and patient, and always stretches you in each lesson to ensure your driving to the best of your ability.

We would like to thank Kevin for all of his hard work and patience helping Amber to finally pass her driving test. Amber had previously failed her test with another driving school and her confidence was very low. We decided to switch instructors which was the best decision we could have made. We instantly saw a change in Amber's confidence and her new thought processes whilst driving. Kevin teaches in a way to suit the individual learner and this definitely worked much better for Amber. Kevin is enthusiastic and honest, he always kept us up to date with Ambers progression along the way. We will most certainly be using Kevin for my second daughters lessons which will be starting in November.

Many thanks

Angela and Nigel

Thanks again Kevin for the brilliant instruction! Very engaging lessons that really helped me understand the best techniques to approach driving/learning to drive and improve on what i'd learnt previously. Great instructing style that got me to constantly evaluate what i was or wasnt doing and why. Kevin is also a great guy, very friendly and professional, i'd definitely recommend him!

I'm so happy that I managed to pass my test! It has been a hard process for me as I wasn't very confident to begin with and suffered from a lot of nerves. Kevin helped me so much with concentration and helped me build my confidence with how calm and kind he was. He did a great job teaching me and without him passing my test would have been a much much more difficult prospect. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, especially if they suffer from the same issues I had at the beginning.

Passed 1st time
I took 8 lessons with Kevin, having driven with my dad for 6 months. Kevin made me calm and confident in my abilities. He explains the reason for every instruction which helped me learn fast. Would highly recommend Kevin and thanks to him, I passed first time. I also found the LDC method very helpful in learning to drive.

I had been struggling to choose a driving instructor, its difficult when you're young to decide who to choose. I knew I'd made an excellent choice with Kevin as soon as I met him. He explained the whole process clearly and we had a laugh. I'd really recommend choosing him , he was so helpful and patient. I really didn't think I'd pass so quickly, and feel so confident after passing my test.

Passed 1st time
I did a Semi-intensive course with Kevin and from the very start I felt comfortable and at ease. He gave me confidence in my ability and after 30 hours of lessons, I passed my test first time. I would highly recommend Kevin, and would like to thank him for all the help and support. Thanks again Kevin!

Holly TaylorHolly Taylor
Passed 1st Time
What a delight to train this young lady. Holly was enthusiastic and very pleasant. She was mature beyond her years in how she approached things and had little doubt she would do well on her test. I wish her all the success in her driving pursuits for the future and if she puts the attitude into her life that she showed during listening to how we train with the LDC way she will do extremely well.

Working with Kevin was such a pleasure. I completed a 20 hour intensive course. Before starting this course, I was very tentative as to whether I would be ready for my test as my nerves always got the better of me. After my first lesson with Kevin I immediately felt relieved and confident that I would be ready. His calming and friendly demeanor really helped with my nerves, and I felt relaxed while driving (this was by no means normal). If it wasn't for Kevin, I wouldn't have passed my test in such short time, and with only 3 minor faults! He is an awesome instructor, and would recommend him over anyone.