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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

First Time Pass
Kevin made me feel comfortable and confident from the start which really helped me to pass first time. As well as an amazing instructor, he is a nice and outgoing person which really helps when learning to drive. Thank You so much Kevin for all your help.

Olly Parker Olly Parker
First Time Pass
Kevin was always upbeat, understanding, empathetic and enthusiastic throughout my lessons even when I turned up tired, grumpy and quite frankly helpless at driving. Keeping a constant feel of being in a car with a friend with a deep understanding rather than feeling like a teacher and a student. My thanks could not go further to the lengths Kevin went through to find me a test and pick me up from college without fail or hesitation once. Thank you very much Kevin, you made my test a breeze and the journey to it a walk in the park. 

William Clayton-RowleyWilliam Clayton-Rowley
1st time pass
Thank you Kevin for helping me progress myself into the confident and safe driver that I am now, it's been a fun journey to where I am now and I couldn't be more grateful!

First Time Pass
Thanks to Kevin, I passed my test first time! Kevin has been an excellent teacher, always being honest with me and believing in my abilities and I can't thank him enough. Thank you Kevin!

First Time Pass
Kevin made the experience of learning to drive straight forward and stress free, while still pushing me out of my comfort zone. I have enjoyed our lessons and I am impressed with the efficiency of them and how quickly I got up to test standard. 

Harry BeardHarry Beard
Passed 1st time
Kevin has been the best teacher I could of ever asked for. He helped me plan all my lessons step by step and explained how he would lead me to be as prepared for my test as I possibly could be. He taught me on the go which I loved for me as I was able to adapt as we drove throughout the lessons. He also made the lessons as calm as humanly possible and being as safe as possible in doing so. I loved our chats when we were driving which didn’t make them feel like lessons at all but felt like I was just driving with a friend as safe as possible. So thank you so much to Kevin for making this one of the most enjoyable and safe times of my life.

Lara McglynnLara Mcglynn
Kevin always kept me calm and focused in my lessons but manages to make them really fun too! It was difficult stopping and starting through covid but he put in a real effort to make sure I got and passed my test. Thank you for not only helping me pass but also helping me to be safe safe driver!

First Time Pass
Kevin is a friendly, professional, kind and understanding driving teacher who confidently teaches you to be sn excellent driver no matter the ability. Not only does he get you ready for testing Kevin gets you ready for a life full of safe and responsible driving showing the fun and enjoyment in the skill. Kevin is flexible and dependable and will always keep you comfortable and safe no matter what the circumstances. Trust is incredibly important to learn to drive and Kevin instilled that from the start.

Mia ShuklaMia Shukla
Driving Test Pass
Kevin is an absolutely amazing instructor, always calm with a huge amount of patience. He has great knowledge of test routes and has been really supportive in getting the best out of my driving - now I look forward to being on the road having learnt from one of the best!

First Time Pass
I have passed my driving test recently and I can’t say how grateful I am to Kevin for all his hard work and most important his support and patience through this journey, I can say that Kevin is an amazing instructor and he did believe in me when I didn’t so. Thank you Kevin for everything.

Thank you Kevin for being an amazing instructor, really enjoyed lessons with you as you been understanding and polite and we had a laugh. Really good driving instructor recommended to all πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Congratulations to Elle on passing her test first time.

Congratulations to Lily on her first time Pass.
I passed my test first time a week ago and want to say a big thank you to Kevin.  It was stressful at times because I was nervous but Kevin was a very patient instructor and was very good at explaining things. I would definitely recommend Kevin.

First time pass

Emily KentEmily Kent
First Time Pass
Kevin is such a patient and confident instructor and he will always put you at ease! I recently passed my test after learning with him for a few months and couldn't be any happier.

First Time Pass
After having been put off driving by a previous instructor, I eventually found Kevin. After reading all his positive reviews I thought that I'd give driving lessons another go even though my confidence has been slightly knocked. Kevin is very knowledgable not just about driving but about the ins and outs of the test. He is very patient and kind, and we could always have a nice chat and joke as well. After a very shaky and disruptive few months due to the covid lockdown cancellations, Kevin helped me to pass my driver's test first time! I'm so happy that I found Kevin and I'm so thankful to him for all his patience and help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive.

I'm very happy that I chose Mr Kevin to be my instructor. Having other instructors before, I can say that he is one of the best. He is very calm, patient and supportive. When you don't understand something he explains even the smallest detail. He is very flexible which is very important for those people who have jobs. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me to pass my driving test! 

Kevin is an amazing driving instructor. He helped me so much with everything even down to my self doubts. He is 100% the best driving instructor I've ever had. Thank you so much Kevin for everything you helped me achieve. Thank you! Going to miss our lessons together.

 Bella Bella
First Time Pass
Learning to drive is something every person will only do once and I'm happy that my instructor was Kevin. There were many things that he taught me and I would pick up straight away as he would say it in a way that made sense to each individual. On the things I found difficult or if I made a mistake which knocked my confidence, he was supportive and would stop, calm me down, and explain it to me slowly again or do it step by step in practical play. I really enjoyed my lessons as we cracked on with a lot of skills every time but also we would have many conversations about things going on in our own lives which created this relaxed atmosphere. I learnt to drive during the pandemic so I knew Kevin for a long time and im sure I will know him for much longer in the future. He is an excellent teacher and overall a brilliant person. Thank you.

1st Time Pass
I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Kevin. Despite Covid causing severe lesson disruption, we were able to make progress every lesson which ultimately led to my first time pass. Our lessons were productive and made enjoyable through Kevin's humour and patience. I am definitely impressed by how Kevin helped me progress so much in my driving ability. I would recommend.

Congratulations to Anish on passing his test on his first attempt.

Josh HillJosh Hill
1st Time Pass
Congratulations to Josh on passing his test on his first attempt.

Morgan Morgan
1st time pass
Well done to Morgan on passing his test First Time.

Maddie BrooksMaddie Brooks
Passed first time
I've just passed my test, the first time and I am overjoyed, but his has only been possible due to Kevin and his considerable experience and expertise as a driving instructor. When I first started driving I lacked confidence and I was an anxious driver. Kevin, made me believe in myself and my driving abilities and grow in confidence, so that I could not only pass, but pass without any driving faults. This has made the transition to driving on my own after the test so much easier. Thank you, Kevin!

Abby WillisAbby Willis
First Time Pass
Thank you Kevin! I wouldn’t of been able to do it without you. From the first time I got in your car you were helping me to get where I wanted and made it so enjoyable to learn. Hands down best instructor I have ever met and would recommend to anyone who would need one. Thank you for getting me to where I am now I couldn’t do it without you! X

Thank you again 100 times over for not only teaching me to drive but what's you given to me as a person, you are definitely someone who I would consider to be a catalyst in my life and I'll forever remember this time period being closely linked to you. Ami

First Time Pass
Kevin has been an incredibly supportive instructor and massively allowed my confidence behind the wheel to grow! His patience (and humour) were integral to that, and I doubt I’d have passed first time without him. I’d recommend Kevin to anyone!

Tillie DayTillie Day
1st Time Pass
Kevin was a very competent instructor he was extremely good and very helpful and patient, he was calm and has a laugh with you too. kept me calm and helped me with things i thought i struggled with. It has been a pleasure learning with Kevin and i have passed first time with him. Very much recommend him. 

1st time pass
Thank you Kevin you have been brilliant can't thank you enough it has been a long time coming πŸ˜€ I would recommend you to anyone brilliant instructor thank you.

1st time pass
Kevin was a fantastic driving instructor throughout my lessons, he remained calm and not only taught me how to drive safely and pass my test 1st time but he taught me how to drive safely for the future as well. Would highly recommend using Kevin as an instructor and a great person in general as well!

Emma (Cass's mum) 'Kevin is a fantastic instructor. My son passed his test with flying colours. Can't recommend him enough.' Thank you so much x

1st time pass
10/10 instructor. Kevin helped me pass 1st time while building up my confidence and giving helpful pointers on where to improve as I learnt. I could not have asked for a better instructor. :)

Hannah Blay Hannah Blay
First Time Pass
Kevin spent time getting to know my driving requirements before we started lessons. He taught me in my own car, which is automatic, and advised me about adaptions needed in terms of dual control etc, which were professionally fitted.

Kevin gave me so much confidence behind the wheel and totally believed in my abilities from day one. Kevin makes driving lessons so much fun and I can't thank him enough for helping me to pass FIRST TIME !! If you need to learn to drive , go with Kevin, he's awesome ! See you for that tattoo Kevin :)

Becky Blay - Hans mum
We were lucky to have Kevin recommended to us by a friend. My daughter needed to learn in her own automatic car which needed certain adaptions before lessons could start. Kevin was extremely knowledgeable and helpful recommending exactly what was needed for her.

As parents we were completely confident that Hannah was in the right hands from day one. Her confidence behind the wheel and in general has increased so much since passing her test, first time.

Kevin has gone above and beyond for our daughter and we are so grateful for all his guidance over lockdown which has been hard for everyone. A total professional, trustworthy and a genuinely top chap ! Thank you Kevin, I would completely recommend you to anyone wanting to learn to drive. They'll be in very good hands.

Emma GornallEmma Gornall
I would recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a driving instructor, no matter your ability. I’d been trying to learn to drive on and off for a few years, and as a result I lacked confidence in my driving ability and always dreaded having a lesson. From the moment I met Kevin he put me at ease. He was very patient, supportive and encouraging whilst we worked on building up my confidence all the while making the lessons enjoyable. Kevin is not only an amazing instructor but someone I consider a friend. He is very passionate about what he does and this is reflected in his teaching. He went above and beyond to help enable me to pass and I honestly couldn’t have done it without him.

For anyone looking for a driving instructor who is patient, reassuring and instils confidence into the learner driver then I can thoroughly recommend Kevin White @ LDC Driving School.

Emma's mum,
My daughter had had a bad experience with her previous instructor and as such was lacking in confidence with her driving ability.

Kevin was brilliant at turning this around and enabling Emma to pass. Whilst She didn’t pass first time. ( she got into the wrong lane at a roundabout, which we’ve all done!) She passed 3 weeks later.

Well done to Her and enormous thanks to Kevin in helping her in this journey.


 Jess Clayton Jess Clayton
Rowley 1st Time Pass
My lessons with Kevin not only sufficiently prepared me for my test, but have given me the confidence to become an independent driver. I feel very lucky to have developed such skills in learning to drive which I know I can use throughout the rest of my life. Thanks for everything! Still hasn't quite sunk in!

From Becky (Jess's Mum)
Kevin was very professional right from the start with my daughter Jess. She started lessons as soon as lockdown 1 ended, and passed her test first time the day before lockdown 2 started. Kevin rearranged his lessons to accommodate a last minute cancellation test just before the second lockdown. We can't thank you enough- you've taken a self doubting anxious girl and given her so much confidence in herself. You taught her more than just how to drive. Jess has become a confident driver and we will definitely use Kevin again for our son. Thank you so much.

Jess BrownJess Brown
1st Time Pass
Before Lessons with Kevin I hated driving and had almost resolved myself to a life of public transport. After only a few lessons, Lessons with Kevin became more like going for a drive with a mate. We rocked out to The Clash down the dual carriageway and cried with laughter. I’ve not only gained my driving licence and a major confidence but have also gained a friend in Kevin. Thank you!

"Finding ways to get someone to relax and gain confidence is different for everyone". With Jess, once we got her driving very safely putting music on in the background was what she needed. It helped her relax and get confident in her ability and enjoy herself. We always made sure she concentrated.

Regina OnwukaRegina Onwuka
Kevin is just amazing. Very patient, helpful, professional, friendly. He taught me not just how to pass my test but also how to be safe on the road. I had to get used to driving on the left hand side and made it fun and so easy. Couldn't be happier that I chose him as my driving instructor. I would recommend him to everyone. Many Thanks Kevin. I will miss my driving lessons. :)

Alice FrostAlice Frost
First Time Pass
Kevin was such a supportive and understanding driving instructor. I have really enjoyed learning to drive with him and he helped me to become more confident in myself and my driving. Would really recommend him.

Marnie Marnie
Thank you so much again Kevin for your help in the lead up to my test and helping me pass. You have helped me gain my confidence on being on the road. I have really enjoyed my lessons with you and you are a very friendly and great instructor :)

Tamara GayleTamara Gayle
I want to say a massive thank you to Kevin! Kevin went out of his way to provide me with driving lessons during the Covid 19 period as a key worker. He was always punctual to lessons, flexible and always had a calming  approach! All the key qualities needed to help calm my nerves and actually enjoy my lessons! He made sure to be fair and constructive but to continue to help me build on my confidence! I have had a few instructors in my time but I would recommended lesson with Kevin to anyone!

Thanks again!!! All the best! 

My daughter Dasha passed her driving test recently and I want to say a huge thank you to Kevin, her driving instructor. He led her through the whole process from the first time when she found herself on the driver’s place not sure how to even begin to move to the happy moment when she received her pass certificate. Kevin is very experienced instructor, true professional, always calm and kind. He treats his young clients with respect. We are ever so grateful for his calm support through all the ups and downs, his patience and guidance. When my younger daughter turns seventeen I would definitely ask Kevin to be her driving instructor.

Dasha’s say: I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Kevin. It was a stressful process but we got there. It has been a pleasure driving with you several times a week. I never felt like a student but simply as a driver. Thank you so much for helping me through this process. Would recommend you to anyone.

I cannot thank Kevin enough for all of his help, he really cares about being able to drive properly - not just passing the test. Having said that, he couldn't have prepared me better for my test. His passion for each person to do as well as possible was evident throughout my time with him. Throughly recommend him for anyone needing an patient, passionate and experienced driving instructor. Thanks for everything Kevin!

Sophie MorrisonSophie Morrison
First time pass
Kevin is outstanding! Passed first time! So happy with where he’s got me. He is such a lovely man, who had a lot of time for me and always went the extra mile! Would recommend 100%!

First time pass
I did the semi-intensive course and can’t recommend Kevin enough. He is a great instructor, helped throughout the whole process. During lessons Kevin was always patient and constructive which helped me build confidence on the road as well as preparing me to become a safer driver.

First time pass
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your help teaching me how to drive. I really appreciate all the support and guidance you have given me. Kevin is a brilliant teacher and person. He is patient, understanding and professional. He has greatly improved my confidence when driving and given me a lot of useful tips and advice. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Thanks for everything Kevin!

First time pass
Kevin has made me feel so confident on the road. Not only did he teach me how to drive safely, but he really calmed me throughout the whole process from learning to drive to passing the test. I was never afraid to ask any questions and he made me feel prepared not only for the test but for driving after.

Andrew MilneAndrew Milne
First Time Pass.
Congratulations to Andrew on a great drive and passing his test first time.

Alex GladenAlex Gladen
Kevin is a great driving instructor, very friendly and approachable which made the learning process easy and enjoyable. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Emma GreenEmma Green
First Time Pass
Kevin is an amazing teacher who I fully recommend. He was always positive and reassuring and made me believe in myself which helped me to pass first time. He helped give me confidence when driving, and also helped bring out my confidence as a whole. I always looked forward to each lesson, and would talk things through if i didn’t fully understand it. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into me over the past few months and wish you the very best.

Ed Holbrow Ed Holbrow
First Time Pass
Kevin was a great instructor - enthusiastic, patient and constructive. He explained things clearly and was encouraging even when I struggled with something. I passed my test first time and would definitely recommend him.

Reka DomokosReka Domokos
Kevin was very helpful and patient. He was always on time. He explained everything properly and clearly about the lessons, the payment and the test. I really enjoyed my lessons. If I had any questions he was always happy to answer. I felt very comfortable while driving. He is a really good teacher who helped me become a safe and confident driver.

Rachel BatesRachel Bates
Congratulations to Rachel on passing her test.

Ellie DayEllie Day
Kevin was absolutely amazing. He is so patient with his pupils for all learning abilities, slow or fast learners. He is punctual and can't thank him enough for all his hard work. Would definitely recommend to anyone ! Thank you Kevin :)

First Time Pass
I cannot thank Kevin enough for the time he has given me in order to pass my driving test first time. His commitment, patience and passion for his work and for his students is truly amazing. Without him, I would not have been able to gain the confidence and the skill to pass my test in such a short amount of time. I always looked forward to my lessons and thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. I would recommend Kevin to anyone who was looking to learn to drive properly and safely!

Emily BrownEmily Brown
Kevin is a really great teacher, and teaches in a very friendly manner. I learnt a lot from his lessons and am very grateful to him for the experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

First Time Pass
I really can't thank Kevin enough for such an amazing driving experience, providing me with the skills to not only pass my test but for driving in future life. He's reliable, friendly and professional, providing the very best standard of teaching in every lesson. I would 110% recommend him to anyone as I really doubt you could find anyone better.

Daniel MaycockDaniel Maycock
First time pass
I would highly recommend Kevin not only to get through the test but teach you to drive safely with confidence. The two hour lessons were essential in gaining experience further a field and practicing around the test roads. Kevin's estimated timeframe for number of lessons to taking the test was spot on. Passed first time and only one driving fault! Thank you Kevin!

Olivia LoftsOlivia Lofts
First Time Pass
Kevin is by far the best instructor anyone could ever wish for he’s calm and was very reassuring every step of the way, I would 100% recommend him to anyone who is keen to start learning to drive. I started learning mid February after my birthday and then completed my theory and had passed end of April ! But that was only because of Kevin’s confidence in me and I couldn’t have done it without him or his support, he always made time for me even to put in extra lessons. My favourite thing about Kevin is that he always goes the extra step in helping with driving, he didn’t just teach me to drive for a test he taught me to drive normally which gave me the confidence in the road! If anyway one is wanting to learn with drive 100% go with Kevin !

Luke MallabarLuke Mallabar
Kevin is a top bloke and I really enjoyed learning to drive with him. He taught me how to drive safely on the road and helped me to pass with only 2 driving faults. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone thats wants to learn to drive as he is an excellent teacher and knows how to have a laugh. Really glad I chose him as my instructor, thanks again and best wishes for the future.

Passed 1st time
Kevin has taught both me and my brother to drive, he is a brilliant instructor and also is a really nice guy. I passed yesterday with 0 driving faults after learning to drive with Kevin for 2 months!

Passed 1st time
Kevin you've been an amazing instructor, definitly couldn't have done it so soon without you, I really enjoyed every lesson and you were understanding whenever I had to change anything. Thank you so much for helping me through the lessons and the test and getting me through so quickly.

Passed 1st time
Kevin has taught me and my brother and thanks to him we both passed first time. Being a previous driving examiner he offers valuable critics that most other driving instructors can’t give. I am so happy to now have my driving license!

Passed 1st time
Kevin kept the pace just right and I felt neither stagnated nor overwhelmed by my progress. He was extremely attentive which gave me confidence in what I was doing and made me feel safe behind the wheel. I would tend to fret over my mistakes but Kevin would always reassuring me and highlight the positives of the lesson. From moment I met Kevin I felt at ease; by the time I passed my test our lessons felt like going out for a drive with a friend. I found Kevin to be an exceptional instructor and would recommend him to anyone; with him I am now a safe and confident driver and enjoy driving when I didn't think I would.

Xiexie NiXiexie Ni
Passed 1st time
I was looking for a new instructor after a first failure, I needed a driving instructor who would help build my confidence and assist me in improving my driving. I came to Kevin White as I'd heard so many positive things.

From the beginning, I was still very nervous about the prospect of being out there on the road but was made to feel very at ease by Kevin and felt I was in safe hands. His patience and attention to detail when teaching got me to the standard that I needed to pass my test. Thank you, Kevin, you were a brilliant instructor! If you want to learn to drive, I would highly recommend you learn from Kevin White!

Mia First Time Pass
Thank you Kevin for helping me get through my driving test first time. My confidence in not only my driving ability but in myself has grown since our first lesson. You never fail to make me laugh and make lessons challenging yet enjoyable. Passing my test feels like a life changing event and I cant thank you enough for helping me get there.

Sophie RixonSophie Rixon
Thank you so much!! It has been a pleasure learning how to drive with you. Not only have you teach me how to drive, you have taught me about life. I've grown as a person and I feel so much confidence in my everyday life as well as on the road. I cannot thank you enough, I'm now a happy confident person and I am excited for all the adventures to come on the road!

Passed 1st time
A LDC instructor who is a friend of mine put me onto Kevin for my nephew, who wasn’t a beginner driver as he has had lessons before. I spoke to Kevin to form a plan of action on how best to get my nephew through the test & out onto the open road. Kevin suggested a semi-intensive course over a few weeks. My nephew had nothing but good things to say about Kevin. He instantly put my nephew at ease with his confidence & clear ability as a driving instructor & i quote “he is an all round nice bloke.” Needless to say my nephew passed his test 1st time! Well done & many thanks to Kevin, I can’t recommend him highly enough πŸ‘πŸ»

Congratulations Sophie, we are all so proud of you, and a BIG Thank You to Kevin for all your support and encouragement you are amazing  Well Done to you both xx πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰β€οΈ

Amy BrownAmy Brown
1st time pass
We found Kevin and LDC driving school via the internet, on first contact Kevin put us at ease and wanted to meet Amy who was learning to drive, Kevin also wanted to meet “mum and dad” to reassure them of who was teaching their daughter to drive. Kevin was very clear on the next steps and made the whole process easy. Amy formed a good relationship with Kevin and was able to ask any questions she wanted which as a new young driver was great. Kevin’s instructing method was calm and clear to understand, Amy learned quickly and made great progress. Kevin gave student and parents great feedback and an honest assessment of when Amy was likely to be ready for her test. We were thrilled for Amy when she passed her test first time, we would highly recommend using Kevin to teach your friends or family to drive.

Arthur WilliamsArthur Williams
For anyone looking to start learning on how to drive, i would certainly recommend kevin as he helped me alot to get through my test. Friendly and professional service.

Luke HarveyLuke Harvey
Passed 1st time
Luke passed first time! Kevin was brilliant with both us and Luke. He had some great tips for passing the therory test which helped to speed up the learning process. He was calm, patient, professional and an all great teacher.  Would highly reccomend Kevin to any looking for lessons😊.

Megan HatcherMegan Hatcher
Passed 1st time

Emma TerryEmma Terry
Passed 1st time
Thanks to Kevin for helping me pass my test  first time. I found Kevin’s instruction calm, patient & reassuring. He was very informative with good suggestions eg with the theory test.  I would recommend Kevin to my friends

Megan TaylorMegan Taylor
Passed 1st time
Kevin has provided an excellent driving skills course. Both my daughters have learnt to drive with Kevin and have become confident, competent drivers in less than 4 months. They also both passed first time. We can’t recommend Kevin highly enough.

David ReidDavid Reid
Passed 1st time
I would definitely recommend Kevin as a driving instructor. I had a couple of driving instructors previously and never really gained the proper skill set from them to properly clinch the pass in my previous two attempts. Kevin’s past experience as a driving invigilator absolutely came to the fore as over an extremely short period of time I was more than proficient to finally pass my test on the 3rd attempt.

More over he’s not just a great teacher he really makes the lessons enjoyable, which in my mind is a crucial element of the whole experience as it helped me relax on the road. You won’t be able to find many better instructors to help you.

Passed 1st time
Kevin was awesome helping me pass my test, I was very nervous and thought I wasn't going to pass. Thanks Kevin for getting me there! Cheers Leuan

Passed 1st time
I started driving when I was 17 (5 years ago) with another instructor and failed my test a number of times due to my nerves always getting the better of me. I started driving with Kevin and booked an intensive course. Within the first day my nerves were calmed and after a few days, for the first time I felt ready to take my test. Although I was nervous, Kevin taught me to be an almost perfect driver not just how to pass the test. I passed first time with Kevin with just one driving fault. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone who has confidence issues as he really put me at ease and am now loving driving! Thank you Kevin I owe it all to you!

George MooreGeorge Moore
I would recommend Kevin to anyone who is wishing to learn to drive, very good driving instructor who is very determined to get you that first time pass, also he is a top man and incredible kind and will help you out as much as he can 5 star rating all the way.

I would highly recommend Kevin, he was very patient with me as I was not a confident driver, but he took his time and effort to help me build up my confidence and driving skills.

He was very patient with me, as I was very worried about driving at first, but through hard work and determination Kevin helped me calm my nerves, and progress my skills as a driver, enabling me to pass my driving test with only 4 minor faults.

I couldn’t thank Kevin enough helping me get through my lessons/tests and improving me as a driving by keeping me calm and being a great friend!

If you’re looking for a patient and competent driving instructor, and a great friend then Kevin is your man.

Alex ForemanAlex Foreman
As the youngest out of three children my parents made a big decision going with someone that they didn’t know. We heard of Kevin through family friends who have had him before and said he was the best instructor they tried. I could not agree more! He is one of the best at his job. He knows what he is talking about as well as being able to stay calm not once did he shout or show signs of stress. He is so friendly as well. He will get to know you throughout the lessons as well as making a bond with your family so they know how things are going from his perspective. He will not rush you in to anything that he thinks your not ready for and will try his hardest to get you ready for your test. I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone looking for a driving instructor as he is one of the best out there.

Mia NooneMia Noone
First time passKevin, Thank you so much for everything!!!
Kevin, Thank you so much for everything!!!

Kevin is a calm, reassuring and patient instructor and I would highly recommend him to anybody learning to drive. I chose to do the intensive driving course as I wanted to pass over the school holidays and I found that Kevin was very encouraging and supportive whenever I was lacking in self confidence. My favourite thing about Kevin is that he was always up for a chat which made driving much more enjoyable! Kevin not only taught me how to drive but he was immaculate when preparing me for my driving test and due to his precision I passed with no driving faults!!

Thank you so so much again I could not have done it without you

Anne-Marie Heighway
Kevin is a first class instructor. I found him last year when I needed some top-up lessons for one of my grandchildren, who was not making progress with his driving. He had him up and qualified within about ten weeks. So, having another grandchild who desperately wanted to be able to drive whilst suffering from a number of problems, I turned again to Kevin and explained what I needed.

Out came the miracle dust once more, and today I have another qualified driver; he passed and is so chuffed. Again, it has only taken about three months, and it is a first time pass. I gather that Kevin has a large percentage of students passing first time.

Kevin's ability to calm nerves, deal with anxieties and get youngsters through their test in wonderful to see. I say youngsters, as I only have experience of them, although I imagine his skill covers all ages. I really recommend Kevin as a skilled, experienced and helpful driving instructor.

Before my first lesson with Kevin I hadn't been out in the car for over 4 years due to a bad experience, not even as a passenger. I was struggling massively with anxiety about getting back out on the road and was worried that the instructor I chose wouldn't understand or be willing to take the lessons at my pace and might try to push me or rigidly follow a lesson structure. I was recommended to try Kevin as he had taught my cousin who was having a few issues and Kevin got him through his test first time. Speaking to Kevin to explain my situation, he made it clear that we will only ever do what I'm happy to do and we can push my boundaries at my own pace, when I'm comfortable to do so.

Fast forward to the first lesson, 20 minutes in and I'm already driving along and having a normal driving lesson as if there was no anxiety! Kevin has been absolutely brilliant; he's kind, relatable, chatty but able to stay focused on the lesson, punctual, knowledgeable, relaxed and all round an exceptional instructor. He never made me feel bad for making mistakes or getting things wrong, never pressured me to do something I didn't feel ready to do and always encouraged and supported me. I honestly don't believe I would have made it through so many lessons let alone pass my test first time with any other instructor. I am genuinely a little bit sad that we won't be having any more lessons but I will be forever grateful to what Kevin has helped me achieve.

I hadn't taken my son out of our home town since he was a baby and the incident occured 4 years ago. He's now nearing 5 years old and I can't wait to make up for the years I lost. Thanks so much for the past 3 months Kevin, I'm now looking forward to what lays in my future in ways I haven't for nearly a decade.

Bria Freeburn
Kevin was an amazing instructor, who I would highly recommend. I didn’t have the easiest time this summer whilst learning however Kevin was very understanding about it and was very patient with me. He never put pressure on me, and allowed me to take my time, to make mistakes so I could learn from them. His knowledge of what examiners are looking for, from his prior experience of as a driving examiner, is amazing and definitely a confidence booster. I cannot thank Kevin enough.

Sarah WallSarah Wall
1st Time Pass
I did an intensive course with Kevin and I’ve had a couple of instructors before but Kevin is definitely the best driving instructor I’ve had. He was so calm and patient and gave me confidence in my driving as well as making it enjoyable! He was very understanding and I couldn’t have done it without him. I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone looking for lessons. Thanks for everything Kevin!

Emily Emily
Kevin was a fantastic instructor. He’s passionate about what he does and really cares about each of this pupils, something that comes across in his approach to teaching. Throughout our lessons he was patient and made the whole process fun. I not only passed but thanks to Kevin found driving enjoyable.

Passed 1st time
I have tried to prepare for my test with a few people, but no one had the patience and kindness that Kevin had. I could not have wished for a better instructor. He's got the knowledge and a great supportive and stress-free teaching style. Kevin made learning fun and I really appreciated that he was always serious about driving but ready for a joke. I was encouraged and gained the confidence I needed to pass my test first time.  I am truly going to recommend Kevins LDC driving school to everyone.

Ashley Ashley
Passed 1st time
Kevin was an excellent teacher, couldn’t be happier with the end result as I passed the first time. He didn’t rush me into anything and made me begin to gain confidence in myself that I thought would never have while driving as I was a very anxious at the start. The previous instructor that I had was quite intimidating and didn’t really help me improve, whereas Kevin was the completely different; very friendly and never was impatient with me no matter how long I didn’t get something. Thank you for everything, I would recommend him to anyone.

Amanda ChambersAmanda Chambers
Thanks again for everything!! I couldn't have done it without you πŸ€—
Kevin has been a true delight from start to finish. He puts you at complete ease and brings out the very best in you. You will be guaranteed a good giggle along the way! Best instructor I could have ever asked for!

Simon BroughSimon Brough
1st Time Pass
Kevin White is a phenomenal instructor. I was involved in an accident as a passenger 3 years ago and have had a real fear of the road since then. Kevin managed to coach me back to the confidence I had before- and I was able to pass my test first try. His attention to detail is impeccable, his experience as an examiner means that he teaches you exactly what you need to do to be a success. In just a few short weeks, I went from nervous student, to believing I could ace a driving test. Thank you Kevin.

Richard PharoRichard Pharo
1st Time Pass
I would highly recommend Kevin for anyone who is searching for an instructor. Kevin is an awesome teacher, not only is he extremely patient but also proficient. He is calm and will make the lessons fun which helps to take any nerves away. He also explains important points clearly and concisely, so near the end you will be almost “teaching” yourself to drive.

Lewis RultonLewis Rulton
Passed 1st time
I just want to say on behalf of myself and my mum Jo, a massive "thank you" in providing such excellent coaching and driving instruction that enabled me to pass my test at my first attempt. We are both well chuffed with that result!!

You made my lessons entertaining, I struck a connection with you that i didn't have with a previous instructor and you instilled confidence in my ability. I did not feel worried about asking you any questions about driving ahead of my test and at the end of each lesson you always gave me a good and constructive debrief. This was readily apparent when i began driving for additional practice with my mum sat beside me, as we spent more time chatting, than her having to give me instruction. Thank you again - I thoroughly recommend you and LDC. For the record, both my sisters also passed first time with LDC. Win win!!

From Jo: Kevin, you instilled a confidence in my shy young son and before i knew it he was criticizing my driving and telling me stuff i never knew😊. I feel thoroughly lost now he has passed his test and has gained momentus independence from me.

Poppy Rickard Poppy Rickard
First time pass
Kevin was a great driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I did 30 hours in a month and passed first time. He was patient, calm but enthusiastic about the whole learning experience. He makes you feel at ease and relaxed. We always had fun during lessons whilst staying highly professional and made sure we kept on track with my learning. After having a quite a nervous start to driving, he made sure I always felt supported and safe. Amazing at what he does! Thank you again to Kevin for all the support over the past month.

 Angela and Nigel Angela and Nigel
Kevin has now successfully taught two of my daughters to drive. He did such a great job when teaching Amber we didn’t hesitate to use him a second time. Once again Kevin has been incredible. He has supported and encouraged Maddie every inch of the way. She loved going on her driving lessons and has picked things up very quickly due to Kevin’s excellent teaching style. Kevin is always polite and punctual, he fits in lessons around college times and is always very accommodating. Kevin always kept us informed of Maddie ‘s progress. We will definitely use Kevin again when my 3rd daughter learns to drive (only 6 years away!) Thanks for everything.

We would like to thank Kevin for helping our daughter Aimee pass her driving test. Aimee started driving lessons with Kevin at the end of October shortly after her 17th birthday. Aimee has really enjoyed learning to drive with Kevin due to his calm, patient and encouraging manner and also his great sense of humour, which has helped build her confidence and put her at ease. She valued his honesty and feedback and he kept us up to date with her progress. Kevin is always, polite, professional and highly motivated and a very competent teacher.

We would highly recommend Kevin to anyone wanting to learn to drive and will definitely use Kevin to teach our son when he learns to drive.

Warren Fox-ClinchWarren Fox-Clinch
I would certainly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to pass their driving test.

Kevin makes the experience fun and enjoyable which makes you feel at ease. I would never of passed without Kevin not just a great instructor but an all round top bloke.

Joe GouldJoe Gould
First time pass
I am so proud and happy that my grandson Joe passed his driving test last week, and that it was his first time!

From Joe's initial assessment lesson with Kevin, Kevin was able to explain to Joe why he wasn't so confident in certain driving situations, were as two previous instructors had failed!

Due to Kevin’s patience's, professional manner, brilliant teaching skills, and above all his wonderful sense of humour, he was able to turn a nervous, novice learner into a competent, confident driver in such a short period of time.

Joe and I will always remember that special day that he passed his driving test and are truly grateful that we shared it with you Kevin! Thank you Kevin X

Joe QuantmireJoe Quantmire
Kevin taught my cousin and me to drive. We have both passed the driving test. I am 18 and must admit have had "my moments" - Kevin has showed infinite patience with me and assured me, when I was lacking in confidence, that I was fully capable of passing. Joe

Sue BoulcottSue Boulcott
Passed 1st time
Kevin taught our daughter, Jess, to drive shortly after her 17th birthday. Despite being nervous, Kevin from day one put her at ease and her confidence grew. Jess found the whole experience enjoyable and never held any fear when it came to her driving lessons. This is testimony to Kevin’s expertise and patience. At the outset Kevin met with us and agreed a plan of lessons and this proved to be accurate as she recently passed first time with only 2 driving faults. Thank you so much Kevin! 5 Star Rating🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Congratulations to Kieran on passing your test. Well done.

Nicola BruntonNicola Brunton
First time pass
Nicola was one of the most nervous clients I have had on the road. I still remember the shock on her face when she passed first time with just 5 driving faults.

Lily CooksleyLily Cooksley
Kevin was a great driving instructor who taught me to drive and ultimately pass my driving test. He explained everything very clearly whilst always remaining patient and cheerful which helped me feel relaxed and build my confidence. I would whole heartedly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to drive.

Charlie Fullerton Charlie Fullerton
First time pass
Thank you LDC Driving School - Kevin White! What an incredible teacher. Got Charlie through his theory and driving test first time. Kevin arrived early each day this week and he gave Charlie the confidence and ability to drive safely and competently - winning combo! Intensive lessons are the way to go - no time to forget things between lessons and safe driving becomes second nature. How would I rate Kevin and the 5gold stars. Susan Fullarton

Emma InnesEmma Innes
First time pass
I cannot thank Kevin enough. As an older student I was nervous about learning something new but he gave me the confidence to become a safe and competent driver. He is always calm and patient throughout lessons. He is personable which made lessons fun rather than a chore. I will be recommending him to friends and family.

Emily WestEmily West
Passed 1st time
Thank you Kevin you have done a wonderful job teaching my Daughter to drive with your patience and encouragement and enthusiasm and being very flexible on driving lessons. Meeting you made us feel very relaxed teaching our Daughter. Can’t believe she passed first time all down to you. Glad we listened to Emily’s friends and got you to teach her. Many many thanks to a great driving instructor.

β€ͺEmily West. Thank you Kevin for making me the confident safe driver I am today. Been driving everywhere since I have passed my test and it’s been incredible. Thank you for all your help.‬

β€ͺPo West. If any parents are looking for a brilliant driving instructor for their children, Kevin's your man. Thank you so very much, Kevin...I have now retired from "Mum's Taxi Service" ‬

First time pass
Due to aspergers and confidence issues I can sometimes struggle to take instructions correctly and therefore learning to drive is something that was somewhat difficult for me. However Kevin couldn't have been more patient and understanding and helped me progress much quicker than I thought possible. Thanks to his amazing teaching I ended up not just passing first time but passing 1st time with no faults, something I never dreamed I would achieve and owe a lot to his instructing.

First time pass
It’s amazing how much you can learn in a week. Before Monday I had had a total of four hours driving experience, but now after completing an LDC intensive driving course with Kevin I am the proud owner of a driving license. I will admit the prospect of an intensive course was nerve racking, but the support provided by LDC was without fault. The ability to ring and be greeted by a friendly voice whenever I had a question, as well as the clear website that provides a great deal of information delivered both confidence in LDC and thrill towards completing the course. As well as this I was given a driving instructor who was both enthusiastic and patient in his teaching. Kevin’s passion towards driving consistently shone through making the experience of an intensive driving course both enjoyable and successful. Therefore, thanks to the service LDC provides and Kevin’s teaching I am someone who enjoys driving and feels confident behind the wheel.

I would definitely recommend prospective learners to undertake an intensive driving course. Not only is it a great way to learn to drive quickly, but it is also the best approach to take when wanting to gain as much experience as possible behind the wheel. Over the course of the week Kevin took me to a variety of different areas whereby I was able to experience the hustle and bustle of busy streets as well as areas where there were twisty country roads as well as the test areas, all of which prepared me to the highest level for my test which I passed first time.

Toby WilliamsToby Williams
Toby switched driving instructors to Kevin White after failing an initial test and Kevin immediately built his driving confidence and in a calm way corrected any issues. Consequently Toby passed his driving test with Kevin and is now enjoying his driving. I will be contacting Kevin regarding my younger sons driving lessons. Debbie Williams

First time pass
Kevin was my second driving instructor, after having a bad experience with my first, Kevin soon took me out and started working on getting rid of my nerves with going into and out of gears as well as higher speeds, within 20 lessons he had managed to work out all the kinks with my driving and I was then ready for my test and Passed first time!

Kevin is a very relaxed driving instructor and will allow you to take your time to build your confidence up, with things that make you nervous or things you’re not sure on; and although he is serious when he needs to be, he also makes the time to put you at ease with a great sense of humour.

I will soon be going back to Kevin for my Motorway Lessons, and I highly recommend Kevin to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Passed 1st time
Hannah had been driving with another instructor for 10 lessons, she felt held back and was lacking in confidence. As soon as she started driving with Kevin her confidence soared and we noticed an immediate increase in her driving ability. Thanks to Kevin, Hannah passed first time and in her target of 3 months. We will definitely be booking Kevin next year for our other daughter!

Josie GelleburnJosie Gelleburn
I was a very nervous driver when I first started lessons. However, Kevin, boosted my confidence massively. He's always calm and patient, and always stretches you in each lesson to ensure your driving to the best of your ability.

We would like to thank Kevin for all of his hard work and patience helping Amber to finally pass her driving test. Amber had previously failed her test with another driving school and her confidence was very low. We decided to switch instructors which was the best decision we could have made. We instantly saw a change in Amber's confidence and her new thought processes whilst driving. Kevin teaches in a way to suit the individual learner and this definitely worked much better for Amber. Kevin is enthusiastic and honest, he always kept us up to date with Ambers progression along the way. We will most certainly be using Kevin for my second daughters lessons which will be starting in November.

Many thanks

Angela and Nigel

First time pass
Thanks again Kevin for the brilliant instruction! Very engaging lessons that really helped me understand the best techniques to approach driving/learning to drive and improve on what i'd learnt previously. Great instructing style that got me to constantly evaluate what i was or wasnt doing and why. Kevin is also a great guy, very friendly and professional, i'd definitely recommend him!

I'm so happy that I managed to pass my test! It has been a hard process for me as I wasn't very confident to begin with and suffered from a lot of nerves. Kevin helped me so much with concentration and helped me build my confidence with how calm and kind he was. He did a great job teaching me and without him passing my test would have been a much much more difficult prospect. I would definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, especially if they suffer from the same issues I had at the beginning.

Passed 1st time
I took 8 lessons with Kevin, having driven with my dad for 6 months. Kevin made me calm and confident in my abilities. He explains the reason for every instruction which helped me learn fast. Would highly recommend Kevin and thanks to him, I passed first time. I also found the LDC method very helpful in learning to drive.

I had been struggling to choose a driving instructor, its difficult when you're young to decide who to choose. I knew I'd made an excellent choice with Kevin as soon as I met him. He explained the whole process clearly and we had a laugh. I'd really recommend choosing him , he was so helpful and patient. I really didn't think I'd pass so quickly, and feel so confident after passing my test.

Passed 1st time
I did a Semi-intensive course with Kevin and from the very start I felt comfortable and at ease. He gave me confidence in my ability and after 30 hours of lessons, I passed my test first time. I would highly recommend Kevin, and would like to thank him for all the help and support. Thanks again Kevin!

Holly TaylorHolly Taylor
Passed 1st Time
What a delight to train this young lady. Holly was enthusiastic and very pleasant. She was mature beyond her years in how she approached things and had little doubt she would do well on her test. I wish her all the success in her driving pursuits for the future and if she puts the attitude into her life that she showed during listening to how we train with the LDC way she will do extremely well.

Working with Kevin was such a pleasure. I completed a 20 hour intensive course. Before starting this course, I was very tentative as to whether I would be ready for my test as my nerves always got the better of me. After my first lesson with Kevin I immediately felt relieved and confident that I would be ready. His calming and friendly demeanor really helped with my nerves, and I felt relaxed while driving (this was by no means normal). If it wasn't for Kevin, I wouldn't have passed my test in such short time, and with only 3 minor faults! He is an awesome instructor, and would recommend him over anyone.

George OaklandGeorge Oakland
First time pass

First time pass

Louise LocatelliLouise Locatelli
First time pass

Felix NdabaFelix Ndaba
First time pass